Financial Matters

Annual Tuition Fee

The annual tuition fee for training towards a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree is EUR 3000, with half the fee due to be paid at the beginning of each semester. The annual fee for the preparatory (foundation) year is EUR 2500. It is paid by the applicant after s/he receives the notification letter on behalf of the Technical Uni versity of Sofia that s/he has been admitted as a student.

For students with double ci tizenship the education fee is 50% of the annual fee/tax. Students, citizens of EU countries or European Econo - mic Spa ce pay the same tuition as Bulgarian ones (except for preparatory language education).

Conditions of Payment

Payment should be made:

  • by a bank transfer to the account of the Technical University of Sofia at:

    BNB – Sofia, Central Office

    Bank code 66196611

    1, Batenberg Branch, account number 3400103605

    IBAN BG 14BNBG 9661 3400 103641

  • in cash – at the cashier’s office of the TU – Sofia, Bl.1, room 1340